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  • Object Oriented Programming - C++ - Function Templates

    January 09,2019 / 0 Comments

    The template is a unique feature of the C++ language. A template is an outline or a sketch of a class or a function, which can later be converted to a specific type of a class or function, based on user’s requirement. Whenever the function or a class with specific type is defined, this template is used to generate a copy of a function or a class for that specific type. The idea of template is derived from the need of two different camps. One camp wants to preserve the efficiency of the C language while the other camp demands generic solutions to problems, for example, designing classes which can work with any valid data types and design algorithms which can also work with objects of multiple classes. How templates are able to satisfy requirements of both communities is the theme of this and next module. Templates do everything at compile time and do not leave anything to be done at runtime.

  • Artficial Intelligence Module 19

    December 09,2018 / 0 Comments

    Game playing attracts all. It has been a major area of research and commercially successful as well. We will look at some of the components needed by game playing algorithms here. Obviously game playing algorithms require mimicking human game playing processes as these programs directly interacts with humans and humans expect such programs to play like them. We have referred to a chess playing program many times during our discussion so far. There are quite a few other games which conventional computing systems offered to users including solitaire, treasure hunt, etc. In the Internet era, there is plethora of multi-player games available which users can play over Internet. Our interest, obviously, is into finding algorithms for coding these games. Most, if not all, solutions require some basic ingredients to work. For example, one of the components of any two-player or multiplayer game is to generate only plausible moves. A chess player does not think of all possible moves but only...

  • Circulatory System

    December 28,2018 / 0 Comments

    Get introduced to the circulatory system of the human body.  Learn about heart, blood flow, heart beat and much more.   Credits: Khan Academy

  • Object Oriented Programming - Functions in C++ - I

    January 07,2019 / 0 Comments

    Functions  in  C++,  offer  similar  solution  for  organizing  large  and  complex  program. While writing  a  program,  the  main  program  becomes  too  large  and  complex  if  programmer  writes  all the  steps  within  it.  The readability  of  program  also  turns  to  be  complex.  Testing  or  debugging becomes  quite  difficult.  Instead,  if  he  collects  certain  steps, for  example  finding  square  root  or displaying  record  on  the  screen,  bundles  them  in  a  routine  and  writes  them  in  either  a  separate file  or  same  file  outside  the  main()  function,  the  main    programme  would  look  much  simpler. Functions  facilitates  partitioning  a  complex  problem  into  set  of  sub-problems  which  are  easily understandable, maintainable and manageable. Once the problem is divided into set of tasks, we can write function for each task. Each function...




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