Work for office or home?

Working as a professional is every graduate’s dream. To implement the knowledge, they acquire in college at work is what all the fresher want. But their dream and hopes crashed when they come to realize that they are judged more for their pleasing attitude than work. Working for boss’s home and for the office has been a culture long practiced.  

Many reputed firms are held by families. The establishment which was done by ancestors is inherited by the offspring. The work environment that their forefathers set up is followed even now. Respecting others work is something that are mentioned only in speeches and forums. In few firms, the management techniques are old and needs an update. They still consider the office employees as their own workers. The instances like doing household work for Chairman, pleasing them by accepting and tolerating personal rants is common. This has clouded professional outcome and employees for the sake for their rise are compelled to please their higher ups through personal comprises.

Whenever any idea is given by new comers answers like, “We have followed this since its inception and has worked,” are very common. Not only in sharing ideas but also restrictions are for food habits too. In some firms, eating non vegetarian food is not allowed. These firms have made it compulsory for their employees to attend all the personal gathering and are compelled to participate in organizing those gatherings. The system to force employees for personal work and not giving any independence should change.

However, there are positive waves coming. Newly established firms and start-ups have embraced modern working culture. They are focused more on work and less towards making employees please by doing personal work. New entrepreneurs are segregating their personal stuffs from official and are focused on output of the firm rather than implementing old culture in the office. This practice has given hope for fresher to innovate.

The modern time requires those handful of old culture driven firms to shake hands with the new wave and start following the work ethic culture and understand employee should work for office not for home. The firms have to focus more on employees’ professional growth.  This will help in developing a new culture and working environment for everyone. Employees will be focused on their professional growth rather than pleasing personally that will result in productivity.


Pratikshya Poudel is an HR Specialist. She is an experienced in Human Resource Management and is working as an HR executive in Shikhar Insurance Pvt. Ltd. In free time she writes and inspires budding HR prospective candidates and writes blogs, articles and stories on various topics.
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