The A* has proven itself to the extent that other algorithms also adopted the good characteristics of A*.  We have studied Iterative Deepening in module 4. When A* is combined with Iterative Deepening, it is called IDA* or Iterative Deepening A*. The algorithm works the same as before but chooses better paths based on the heuristic values. We stated in module 4 that Iterative deepening’s power is obvious when used with heuristic and IDA* is the way to it. IDA* is to A* what a depth bound search to DFS. The property of the A*, it gets an optimal solution if the heuristic used is optimal, also holds for IDA*.
Another useful algorithm is recursive best first (RBF) search. Both IDA* and RBFS are memory bound searches. They are designed to make sure that the memory utilization is minimal.
In that, one better node, other than children is kept and chosen for exploration if the children are found not better. Recently AI is extensively
driven by AI programs which are more or less automated, can interact with real world using connectors called sensors and actuators, and
learns how to solve a typical problem on their own with the help of human counterparts and their own built in knowledge.
These programs are known as agents. We will look at some basic information about a gents in this module as well.

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