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We would like to hear each voice and clear all the queries. If you have any questions, business proposals please write to us. You can also write to us if you are a blogger, student or instructor. If you have any idea for us write to us. In fact, anything that troubles you or excites you regarding Extra Period just inquire us.

Our Philosophy

We believe in quality over quantity. We thrive to make certified, standard and effective courses. Our main philosophy is become learned not trained and help people to with the use of smart technologies. And, to fulfill this philosophy we also make LMS, custom courses and education oriented mobile application to different organizations.

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Everyone should get quality education from any place. There should be no hindrance in obtaining knowledge is the main mission of our venture. Anyone who wants to learn should be able to access to credit worthy courses and pursue education.

Help student to be learned. Helping instructor to spread their knowledge. Help corporate, institutions and organization to build their own LMS and train regularly to their employees and students.

We have envisioned that one day people have to no longer depend on classrooms for education.

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